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                  Shenzhen Gempon Power Technology Co., Ltd. comprehensive website about the company in the use of information and products, the introduction of e-business concept, to provide users with more comprehensive product marketing, technical support and customer service, the user needs through the website and any information submitted, immediately into the company's information management system by the relevant personnel immediately.  

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          Indoor LED Lighting Products
          Outdoor LED Lighting Products
          Outdoor Landscape LED products
          Garden Landscape LED Products
          Power saving Monitoring system
          Drive power LED lamp
          Table lamps, desk lamps, track
          Portable lighting (flashlight,
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          Shenzhen city roc electrical technology Co., LTD. Is set research and development, production, sales and service of integrated green energy-saving electric product high-tech enterprise, has a professional technical research and development personnel, the company and fudan university, huazhong university of science and technology have set up long-term technical consultant and communication platform, the products cover LED semiconductor green e......
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          15V high efficiency and high-precision LED Boost drive power
          JPE03-27A02 LED Bulb light
          JPE05-127BXX LED Bulb light
          JPFTXX-XX LED Tube light
          JPE03-14A01 LED Candle light
          JPE03-14B01 LED Bullet light
          JPTHA501 LED Smallpox Light
          JPTHE301 LED Smallpox Light
          Instrument Equipment
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          Address :5/F, Building 14,Majialong Industrial Area,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,China phone: 0755-86006251 fax: 0755-61619257 E-mail: szjpdl@163.com
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